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Is Google Technology Stepping Into the Medical Field? Google Glass Is Being Tested In EDs and the EMS Field

The innovative technology product, Google Glass, is currently being tested for use by physicians in the Seattle area, according to a video posted by USA Today. Emergency department (ED) physician Carl Spitzer, MD, and CEO of Healium, a Seattle-based startup that created an app that syncs medical information with Google Glass, explains the usefulness of the product.

The app allows physicians to share information with other physicians in a matter of seconds, making second opinions easily attainable. Physicians are also trying to see how this technology can be more helpful in operating rooms and EDs as well. "It can be used in the ED to track patients and prioritize treatment or from any location to send vital signs, x-rays and other data to doctors nearby or thousands of miles away," according to an article by Seattle news station, King5. In addition, Google Glass provides training opportunities not previously realized, with the eyewear potentially providing video through the user's eyes during an operation, for instance. 

Moreover, the app can potentially benefit the emergency medical service (EMS) field, according to the King5 article. "Healium could be used by first responders to send video and patient information from accident scenes," the article stated. If this proves successful, its value to the EMS industry can vast. 

Though the software and technology is still being tested to see its true implications, it is evident that technological innovation is key in the health care industry. Other innovations in the health care industry include telemedicine and community paramedicine, both of which have programs already implemented in many communities. 

What are your thoughts on this technology in the health care field? Will it work successfully? Would you be willing to try it? 

Telemedicine program example: Arizona Telemedicine Program

Community Paramedicine programs: Wake County, NC; PMH Medical Center's Community Paramedic Program (Prosser, WA); Reno EMS (Reno, NV).

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