ED Facility Review/Redesign

California Hospital Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

Mike Williams conducted an extensive review of needs and demand data for this downtown medical center in the area of emergency care, ambulatory services and occupational medicine. This review involved a facilitation of dialogue and direction of a multi-disciplinary task force assembled for the project including outside experts such as space planners and architects. He also had lengthy involvement in the space planning and design of the planned new facility.

Piedmont Hospital
Atlanta, GA

This project involved the assessment and evaluation of the emergency center at Piedmont Hospital for program product line development, operational issues and facility relocations and redesign. Many of the project's needs and expected outcomes are similar to the Presbyterian Healthcare Services project. In particular, this project involved conducting significant medical staff focus groups and the development of space needs, configuration and the complete redesign of the emergency center. This project was initiated after the hospital approved an outside consulting firm, having struggled with the issues internally for several years.