ED Throughput & Process Improvement

University of Kentucky Medical Center

The Abaris Group has completed a comprehensive study of this 350 bed, 40,000 visit ED on organizational, process and policy issues that affect inpatient and ED operations and flow. The department was close to recruiting an ED department chair and ED manager and the timing of our recommendations were anticipated to impact the leadership direction and expectations.

This study targeted process, flow and operational issues with extensive interviews of ED staff, ED faculty members, institution-wide faculty members and the EMS community as well. Extensive data was collected on historical and predicted ED demand and various department metrics that affect flow and processes.

Specific and targeted staffing recommendations especially tied to demand were part of the recommendations for this study. The hospital asked The Abaris Group to also evaluate pediatric ED services and the potential for specialization, an area of expertise of The Abaris Group. The hospital was developing a new ED and has asked The Abaris Group to assist on ED space planning and design. 

The Abaris Group was next retained to assist the hospital with the implementation of the recommendations made in the report using The Abaris Group's unique accelerated implementation (HIT Teams) and rapid cycle testing (RCT) methodology.