EMS System Planning

Merced County EMS Agency
Merced, CA

The Abaris Group has had an ongoing consulting relationship with Merced County EMS Agency. One of the projects we completed was an EMS system plan for the county. Merced County is situated in a primarily rural, agriculturally based area of the California central valley. Due to the rural nature of the area, access to routine health care is a problem. The EMS system is often used as a safety net for these needs.

Our firm worked closely with Merced County EMS Agency to write the EMS system plan and gain its approval. Writing the Merced County EMS System Plan involved an analysis of the EMS delivery system. The ultimate plan development included interviewing a multitude of system participants and stakeholders. Representatives from first responder organizations, receiving hospitals, base hospitals, fire departments, ambulance services, physician groups, the EMS Agency, and other government staff were interviewed to develop appropriate goals and objectives for the Merced County EMS System Plan. Their input was invaluable towards establishing a comprehensive plan that would meet the diverse needs and challenging environment encompassed by Merced County.