Marketing Studies

Methodist Medical Center - Peoria, IL

The Abaris Group completed a comprehensive market research project for this mid size hospital in Illinois. The market is dominate by two systems including Methodist and this hospital wanted to better understand what features were most important to their community in terms of their ED.

The hospital had made many throughput changes and were achieving dominance based on volume and customer service scores but there had been some slippage in their marketshare and in their scores. The Abaris Group identified a sample of patients that had used the ED during the past year (including some of those that had gone on to use a different ED during the same year) and also through random calls identified a sample of non users. Data from approximately 100 survey respondents for each category (users and non users) were tabulated and the results summarized in our report to the hospital. >br>

The Abaris Group then developed a specific marketing plan to targeted markets and with specific branding ideas that was responsive to the hospitals goals and their customers expectations.