The Abaris Group believes strongly in continuing education and provides several webinars each year on new and developing topics in the community and emergency healthcare field.

Learn about the latest industry trends and best practices from The Abaris Group's expert consultants and other guest speakers through our webinar program. The educational webinars highlight the latest strategies and best practices designed to assist emergency care providers in enhancing their overall service delivery.

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Below are a couple of previous webinars conducted by The Abaris Group. All of these have been recorded and are available for sale. For more information about previously recorded webinars click here.

New Medicare Rules for ED and Trauma Center Compensation

Medicare has published the final rules that will dramatically change the way you get paid for emergency department (ED) and trauma center services. While the news is good for both EDs and trauma centers, you must take specific steps before the end of 2006 to get your charge master in order. This webinar will target those specific steps that you need to take and cover many other important changes that impact both hospitals and emergency and trauma physicians.

Presented by Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, President, The Abaris Group

Survival Strategies for the Air Medical Industry

This webinar on developing survival strategies for the air medical industry covered:

  • Historical and current trends that affect industry success
  • Recent and projected industry changes
  • Options and strategies for traditional hospital programs
  • The hottest topics for the air medical industry
  • Reimbursement issues and changes with Medicare/MediCaid
  • OIG investigations
  • FAA response to accident rates
  • Federal fuel tax exemption
  • Others

Presented by:
Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, President, The Abaris Group
Rick Donker, PhD, Consultant, The Abaris Group
Bill Bryant, MPA/HSA, President, Sierra Health Group 

High Leverage ED and Inpatient Patient Flow Strategies

This conference on ED and Inpatient Patient Flow Strategies covered:

  • 10 of the largest bottlenecks to ED & inpatient flow
  • 13 High Leverage ED Strategies
  • 13 High Leverage Inpatient Strategies
  • Strategies on How to Initiate and Sustain Success

Presented by:
Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, President, The Abaris Group
Pam Turner, RN, MBA, Senior Consultant, The Abaris Group
Jim Augustine, MD, Seniour Consultant, The Abaris Group 

Breakthrough Revenue Strategies for EDs and Trauma Providers

This webinar on breakthrough strategies for emergency and trauma providers covered:

  • What are the key changes to hospital and physician coding that will affect how you get paid?
  • What five steps can you take to get your charge master in order?
  • What are the specialized charges (e.g. critical care and trauma) and how to code them to be paid?
  • What six key questions should every ED and trauma patient be asked to enhance the potential for payment?
  • How to create a robust point of service collection and copay program?
  • What do most billing departments do wrong and how to fix it?
  • What are the most frequent missing clauses in managed care contracts that limit your ability to get paid as an ED or trauma center?

Presented by:
Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, President, The Abaris Group
Michael A. Granovsky, MD, CPC, FACEP
Vice President, Medical Reimbursement Systems, Inc 

Contemporary Product Lines for Serving the Episodic Market

This webinar covered the burgeoning develop of two breakthrough episodic care delivery systems: MinuteClinics and Freestanding Emergency Departments (EDs). Learn from the experts on:

  • What is the market for MinuteClinics and Freestanding EDs?
  • What five steps can you take to get your charge master in order?
  • What is the patient population?
  • What providers are used?
  • What are the cost structures?
  • What is the revenue model?

Presented by:
Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, President, The Abaris Group
Kelly Larkin, MD, Medical Director, Minor Emergency Centers, St. Luke's Health System
Jim "Woody" Woodburn, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer, MinuteClinic, Inc 

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