Bill Bullard Profile photo
Bill Bullard MBA
Senior Vice President

Bill has 29 years of experience in emergency services including both public and private agencies. He put himself through college as an EMT, working for the local 9-1-1 ambulance company. After graduating, Bill took his street knowledge and management degree and joined the startup team of BayStar Medical Services, a division of Laidlaw/MedTrans, as the Director of Business Development.

Bill joined The Abaris Group in May 2005. His experience in emergency care consulting ranges from system analysis and strategic planning to proposal development and innovative contracting with EMS providers, hospitals, trauma centers, trauma systems and health plans throughout the country. Bill has spoken nationally on ambulance transportation, contracting and multi-system hospital models. With The Abaris Group, Bill has been involved with trauma center research and proposal creation -- leading to successful trauma designations. He is the recent contributing author to The Abaris Group's Ambulance Industry Report series, which involved extensive reimbursement research and trending.

In addition to his former EMS roles, Bill has worked with a sheriff technical rescue unit, and currently holds the position of Deputy Fire Chief for a Northern California fire district. Bill obtained his Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 1990 and his MBA in 2014 from California State University.