Houston-Galveston Area Council Emergency Health Care System Study

Houston-Galveston Area Council Emergency Health Care System Study

Report: The final report of the Emergency Health Care System Study has been released. To view and download the report, please click the file on the right.

Summary: The main objective of this study was to provide a detailed assessment of the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) region's current emergency health care system. The H-GAC Emergency/Trauma Care Council conducted a competitive process and selected The Abaris Group to assist them with the study. The study evaluated the current EMS system, its capacity, operations, and its ability to function under current conditions and projected future conditions. The study also made recommendations for the provision of optimal current and future emergency health care services. The study covered EMS, patient transportation and transfer issues, overcrowding in the ED, EMS and trauma diversion, funding options (uninsured), and coordination of EMS and hospital services.

Goal: The Abaris Group's number one goal was to assist the H-GAC Emergency/Trauma Care Policy Council achieve its vision of "A coordinated, fully maintained metropolitan trauma and emergency response system that provides access to an appropriate facility for every person within one hour of a critical incident."

Study Structure: The Abaris Group completed the study in three phases. In the first phase, a baseline assessment of the current status of the system was conducted. In the second phase, an analysis of several specific topics was  ompleted. In the third phase, the findings were synthesized into a business plan that provided a comprehensive assessment of the emergency health care resources of the region including detailed recommendations to achieve an efficient, effective and financially health EMS system. The project was completed in September 2005.

For questions or comments, please contact: Mike Williams at The Abaris Group, (888)EMS-0911.

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