San Diego Trauma System Assessment Project

San Diego Trauma System Assessment Project


The San Diego Trauma System Assessment has been completed, and a Final Report was issued to the County of San Diego on February 28, 2003. The Executive Summary from the report is now available. Please see Related Files (at the right) and click on Executive Summary to access the file.

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The County of San Diego conducted an assessment of the their trauma system with the assistance of The Abaris Group, a consulting firm that specializes in assessing trauma systems.

The study included an inventory of each trauma center; analysis of data (including finances); analysis of prevention programs, trauma triage criteria, and the trauma registries; meetings/interviews with stakeholders, a panel chart review at each trauma center by an outside expert panel; identification of alternative trauma system models; and more. Part way through the project, a report was written on the current status of the trauma system. At the conclusion, a final report was presented to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors detailing the study's findings and recommendations.

The project was accomplished in three broad steps. The first step was to collect the necessary data and information, the second was to analyze the information/data and the third was to make recommendations on possible improvements.  

A panel of experts was assembled to provide a high level of clinical and nonclinical expertise. They included trauma surgeons, an epidemiologist, emergency medicine physicians, pediatric trauma nurses, etc. For a complete list of the expert panel, please see the Expert Panel Members link under Related Files.

For more information or questions please contact Mike Williams at The Abaris Group.

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Executive Summary
Expert Panel Members

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