Community Health Assessments

The Abaris Group has excelled in the area of community health care assessments. They have ranged in size from small rural areas all the way to substantial urban areas (5 million people) and have covered a wide array of topics, including safety net studies, emergency medical services (EMS) assessments, and trauma system planning, assessment, and implementation services.

We bring in-depth experience to our community wide health care assessments with strong data analysis and a firm understanding of the geographic, healthcare stakeholder, disparities, and policy topics these types of studies engender. More recently, The Abaris Group has been very involved in healthcare safety net assessments studies that entail qualitative and quantitative analysis of how persons who do not have healthcare insurance or are under insured obtain healthcare currently and how to ensure they can access it in the future.

For example, The Abaris Group recently completed two large studies, one for Marin County and the other for San Diego County. Abaris had completed the San Diego study when Marin County contacted us and asked us to submit a proposal to conduct a very similar study for their county. While both studies were structured alike, the outcomes were very different because of the unique circumstances in each area.

Both studies relied on input from a wide variety of key stakeholder groups, which included patients, clinics, health centers, policy makers, hospital inpatient and outpatient perspectives, emergency, trauma, primary and specialty care and physicians. To understand where the current services were provided a healthcare resource inventory was created providing specific information on hospitals, clinics, services they provide, languages spoken, hours of operation and much more. The studies also included an assessment of funding needs for healthcare safety net services for the next 20 years. A major focus for both assessments was on estimating the demand and funding needs for those persons who are uninsured and under insured and on identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges to meet those needs. Both studies were conducted by employing in-depth data analysis and obtaining input from stakeholders via Town Hall meetings, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups.

Our firm also completed a comprehensive review of inpatient, outpatient and EMS services for the greater Houston/Galveston area. The Houston/Galveston area is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the country and Harris County is the third largest county in the country. The main objective of this comprehensive regional study was to provide the healthcare stakeholders in the greater Houston area (population 5 million for the region) with a detailed assessment of the region's current emergency healthcare system and a road map of how to proceed in the future.

The Abaris Group employs its skills in inventorying, data gathering, stakeholder input, collaboration and methodologies to achieve your community wide health care assessment project goals.