Emergency Department Services

Emergency department (ED) strategic planning and development, physical plant evaluation, patient flow and medical staff dialogue on these issues are particular areas of expertise at The Abaris Group. The Abaris Group is a nationally recognized ED consulting firm with extensive experience in all phases of emergency care: hospitals, physicians, and prehospital. Our firm has experience not only in gathering and analyzing the data required for process improvement projects, but we also have a proven "track record" of designing and implementing EDs across the country.

Mike Williams and his staff have worked with more than 260 hospitals helping them to improve their ED's from issues surrounding flow, to reducing delays in the ED, to improving the financial outlook for the ED.

One of the most successful programs The Abaris Group offers is it's review of an ED's charge, billing and collection processes. We guarantee that the hospital will increase their revenue by at least three times the amount of our fee - if not, the fee is refunded. In twenty years of consulting, we have never needed to refund a client's fee.

An example of an ED system project The Abaris Group completed was working with a health plan in northern California to assist them with an overall review and analysis of the emergency services provided to their health plan members (a Medicaid population). This involved looking at several issues, including determining the number of denied claims and reducing or eliminating those denials, conducting member focus groups to determine their level of satisfaction with the health plan and its ED providers, and designing an auto-authorizing process for after-hours care.

Key ED Services

  • Charge, billing & collections studies
  • Chest pain center
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Customer service campaigns
  • Demand management programs (call centers, after hour programs, etc.)
  • Design and redesign
  • Development of Clinical Decision Unit (CDU)
  • ED billing services
  • ED downsizing analysis
  • ED master plan development
  • ED physician contract negotiation
  • Fast track programs
  • Occupational medicine programs
  • Patient flow study and redesign
  • Pediatric emergency care
  • Process improvement
  • Profiling and analysis
  • Program implementation
  • Program review
  • Reducing ED patient delays
  • Throughput time enhancement
  • Urgent care centers