Emergency Preparedness

The Abaris Group is an industry leader in all-hazards emergency preparedness and disaster planning. We have experience working with public health agencies, hospitals and pre-hospital providers, but also integrated health systems, behavioral health, law enforcement, and other community resources to provide a comprehensive approach, whether the event is man-made or natural. This experience also includes assessing community resiliency and continuity of operations and is a critical component of most projects.

From earthquakes in California to the annual hurricanes that affect the Gulf States, The Abaris Group assists many regions with medical surge planning for natural disasters. Past work includes the "After Action Reports" following the Loma Prieta Earthquake with recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare response. The 13 counties that comprise the Houston/Galveston EMS region requested The Abaris Group to review their infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve operations and increase system performance during normal and surge health care demands, such as those caused by hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. For the State of California, Abaris conducted a statewide analysis of the local EMS systems and determine solutions to address interoperability and a centralized approach to EMS care throughout California during a disaster. Also included was a comprehensive review of patient movement and tracking requirements when disasters exceed the operational area and need regional, state or federal resources.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) identified hospital preparedness for natural and bioterrorism events as a national priority. The Abaris Group writes and manages the grant applications for counties and regions in order to maximize their preparedness levels. Our experts offer proven advice on the equipment, communications, training, and exercises that will most benefit the community during an emergency.

In the event of a large disaster, whether internal or external, there is the very real possibility that some hospitals may need to evacuate their patients. Through a review of real-world evacuations and existing evacuation plans, The Abaris Group offers extensive experience to customize hospital evacuation plans to meet the unique needs of each community.

Pan Flu is considered one of the greatest, realistic threats facing healthcare. Not only will it affect the national population and probably eliminate support from other areas, but it will also last a long time, causing resources to be depleted quickly. Our consultants have assisted many communities with estimating the potential impact, analyzing current medical surge capabilities, conducting regional planning sessions, and developing plans for implementation when needed. Due to the expected medical surge, Alternative Care Sites (ACSs) will be necessary after hospitals are overwhelmed. Preliminary ACS planning and development is crucial to the success of any medical surge event. The ACS plan should also follow the guidelines provided by its state health department, if they exist. The Abaris Group then coordinates and tests the plans through table top exercises and other regional drills.