Financial Analysis and Enhancement Services

The financial analysis skills of The Abaris Group are a key factor in our work and in how we approach projects. Our practice incorporates a wide range of financial expertise in all our project topics.

One of the most successful programs The Abaris Group offers is it's review of an ED's and trauma center's charge, billing and collection processes. We guarantee that the hospital will increase their revenue by at least three times the amount of our fee - if not, the fee is refunded. In twenty four years of consulting, we have never needed to refund a client's fee.

We provide financial services for the complete continuum of emergency and ambulatory services. These range from trauma centers to walk in ambulatory care centers.

Key Financial Analysis and Enhancement Services

  • Billing contracts
  • Billing systems
  • Business plan proformas and cash flow projections
  • Charge masters and documentation procedures
  • Charge, billing and collection recommendations
  • Coding and documentation
  • Competitive pricing studies
  • Compliance analysis and recommendations
  • Cost analysis
  • Managed care contracting strategies
  • Modeling and cost comparisons
  • Procedure-based charge systems
  • Registration strategies
  • Revenue and payer mix studies
  • Revenue enhancement objectives
  • Training and policy development
  • The Abaris Group can customize all financial services to meet your specific needs. Ask about our financial guarantee!