Market Research

Marketing programs are a key service for many of The Abaris Group projects. These services are critical for clients to better position themselves in today's market. We are recognized for our market assessment and research for emergency and ambulatory programs. We are qualified to conduct all phases of market research. Our firm has experience in gathering and analyzing the data needed in market research and implementing the recommendations resulting from the research.

We offer numerous services in market research including: qualitative and quantitative analysis, mail surveys, market positioning research, telephone surveys, product/beta testing, focus groups, etc.

The Abaris Group has conducted specific market research on ambulatory care services, occupational medicine programs, feasibility studies, site location analysis, implementation services, marketing plans, and customer satisfaction research.

Key Market Research Services

  • Market Analysis
    - Data acquisition
    - Impact analysis
    - Site services
    - Utilization projections
  • Market Research
    - Customer/user opinions
    - Mail surveys
    - Market positioning research
    - Product/beta testing
    - Research on the market
    - Sampling methods
    - Telephone surveys
    - Qualitative
    - Quantitative