Trauma Services

The Abaris Group is one of the leading trauma system and trauma center consulting firms in the country. Since establishing The Abaris Group, Mike Williams and his staff have worked with over 175 trauma care clients, analyzing their needs and capabilities. Mike has personally managed over 120 trauma center system projects. These projects also have required a review of operations and finances to enhance trauma program delivery and the overall financial viability of the trauma center and emergency services.

The Abaris Group has extensive experience in all phases of trauma care planning and implementation: hospitals, physicians, pre-hospital and system design. Strategic planning and development of trauma services including financial services program evaluation, patient flow, and medical staff dialogue are particular areas of expertise at The Abaris Group. Our firm has experience not only in gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data, but we also have a proven "track record" of designing and implementing successful trauma centers and systems across the country.

An example of a trauma services project The Abaris Group was hired for was the design and implementation of a statewide inclusive trauma system and trauma registry for the State of Arizona. The Abaris Group assisted the Arizona State Trauma Advisory Board in this endeavor. This was a long-term project which involved an extensive amount of research and consensus-based decisions. Components to this project included a statewide assessment, determining available medical resources, conducting regional and statewide stakeholder meetings, establishing a trauma foundation to manage the trauma system once it was in place, and addressing the needs of rural versus urban providers in the trauma system.

Key Trauma Services

  • Application/designation process
  • Feasibility studies
    - Clinical and administrative audit
    - Volume projections
    - Market research
  • Financial projections
    - Charge, billing & collections
  • Marketing programs
  • Program implementation
    - Trauma training programs
    - Policies and procedures development
    - registry software/analysis
    - Mock survey
  • Program review
  • Revenue maximization and analysis
  • System design
    - Statewide
    - County level
  • Trauma physicians/specialists programs
  • Trauma registry software/analysis
  • Trauma strategy development
  • Trauma training programs